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Orton-Gillingham and The Sonday Legacy


I was a struggling student. My parents found a remarkable Orton-Gillingham teacher who understood how to teach me. That teacher, Arlene Sonday, worked with me to improve my decoding and reading skills. I became a successful student and ultimately graduated with honors from college.

Arlene had great success customizing Orton-Gillingham based methodologies to the unique learning needs of her students over a 30-year career. Her knowledge that this very effective approach was reaching only a small fraction of struggling students led to the dream of creating a system that was easy to use by anyone motivated to make a student successful. Arlene approached our family, and we started Winsor Learning because of our belief in this system, The Sonday System. We, at Winsor Learning, are thrilled to recognize that 2017 will be our twentieth year. Since we started, we have sold over 50,000 reading programs, worked with over 2,000 school districts and trained over 40,000 teachers.

We have moved far beyond creating a reading program. We consult with our clients to facilitate a plan to increase student achievement. The Winsor Learning clients having the most success are those taking advantage of the expertise of Winsor Learning trainers, coaches and consultants. Our unique training program allows educators to make use of a short, intense training session and immediately start working with their students. This introductory training gives teachers the needed hands-on use of materials along with practical strategies and instructional guidelines to use with struggling students in the classroom. Ongoing training continues with Winsor Learning experts visiting educators in their own classrooms to provide advice and coaching to optimize the use of the instructional materials.

When we were building the product more than 20 years ago, we had two goals:

1. Keep intact the highly effective Orton-Gillingham methodology.
2. Create a product that anyone can use to implement Orton-Gillingham based instruction.

Our goal. after 20 years, is the same as it was when we started: to have as many students and families as possible experience academic success with these proven and effective methods. Today, hundreds of thousands of students have improved their reading with our tools. We would like to work with you so your students can have that same extraordinary experience.

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Tom Guyer, President, Winsor Learning.