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Sonday System 1 Readers - 3 sets each of Levels 6–36 (40 Readers, 90 stories)

The Sonday System 1 readers were created to align with the scope and sequence of Sonday System 1. Illustrated stories cover reading levels 6 through 10 and help students practice comprehension, leading to accurate, fluent decoding. Reading levels 11–36 feature 3 controlled-text, chapter-format stories that build fluency, vocabulary and comprehension. Each Reader includes teacher tips and strategies to check for comprehension. Sample pages can be found in the catalog, which is available for download on this site.
Sku: 220-7051
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Sonday System 1 Digital Workbook Collection

A digital offering featuring the Sonday System 1 Workbook Collection for printing as needed. With 4 workbooks and an answer key, the collection is designed to reinforce materials taught and help students practice skills independently through homework or seatwork. It is not meant to replace instructional sessions where interaction between the student and teacher is vital.
Sku: 240-3707
Price: $537.00
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Science of Reading Expansion Guide

The Sonday System Science of Reading Expansion Guide (SoR) is a companion to your existing Sonday System kits. The SoR is packed with new activities written by renowned author Arlene Sonday and the latest research curated by her to enhance your daily Sonday instruction. It’s compatible with Sonday System LPL, 1, 2, and Essentials and will give your teachers and students the latest tools to magnify Sonday System success.

Science of Reading Expansion Guide (Sample)
Sku: 530-3900
Price: $125.00
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Building Fluency Workbook

Contains supplemental fluency drills with 3 sets of 60 words. Allows the student to practice reading words across pages rather than down columns.
Sku: 230-3380
Price: $24.00
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