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Introducing Winsor Literature, created to make reading a more inclusive experience. Literary concepts can be daunting—and often out of reach—for students of varying abilities. This collection gives more students exposure to those concepts and connectedness to the wider world.

The WinLit™ Classic Series introduces students to literary classics. The Series includes six familiar stories: Pollyanna, Heidi, Treasure Island, Black Beauty, The Story of Doctor Dolittle, and Around the World in 80 Days (listed in the recommended sequence).

The collection fosters a lifetime love of reading as students read stories modified to meet them at their own level. WinLit™ Classic Series will appeal to all students who enjoy a good story.

The Adapted Teaching Set for each title includes 6 Adapted Readers, an Adapted Teaching Guide, and printable digital materials. The Hi-Lo Teaching Set includes 6 Hi-Lo Readers, a Hi-Lo Teaching Guide, and printable digital materials. Digital materials are available online via the Winsor Learning website.

The Adapted Teaching Set is designed to support students ranging from those who have pre-symbolic reading skills to those who read sight words. It’s great for students with significant cognitive disabilities who require age-respectful literature.

The Hi-Lo Teaching Set is designed to support students who demonstrate more independent reading skills and enjoy participating in a group reading experience. It’s great for students who need alternative options for reading success.

Additional Readers, either Adapted or Hi-Lo, are sold in sets of 6 (per title).
Adapted Teaching Set books:
• 6 copies of the Adapted Reader
• 1 copy of the Adapted Teaching Guide

Hi-Lo Teaching Set books:
• 6 copies of the Hi-Lo Reader
• 1 copy of the Hi-Lo Teaching Guide

Printable digital materials:
• Guide to Using Digital Materials
• CCSS Alignment
• Take-Home Letter
• Cards
Character Posters
Character Cards
Setting Cards
Story Event Cards
Vocabulary Cards – Adjectives
Vocabulary Cards – Compound Words
Vocabulary Cards – Nouns
Vocabulary Cards – Verbs
• Chapter Printables
• Graphic Organizers
Venn Diagram Worksheet
Character Development Web
Story Organizer

In addition, to meet the specific needs of students with significant cognitive disabilities, the Adapted Teaching Set includes printable Adapted Text Cards, which combine vocabulary words with images, and Comprehension sheets. The Comprehension sheets pose 1 simple question about the story content and provide answer options in 3 different modalities: sentences, words, or images.
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