We designed the Sonday System to make the highly effective Orton-Gillingham method more accessible to teachers and schools. Our program allows educators to get trained and begin teaching quickly, with ongoing professional support and development. We offer a variety of startup and ongoing support services designed specifically with your needs in mind.

Ongoing Training and Coaching

Shoulder-to-Shoulder Coaching
In an instructional setting (up to five instructors per day): Up to five Sonday instructors receive 1:1 coaching to promote fidelity and sustainability of the Sonday System. Sessions include our Winsor Learning consultant working directly with the instructors' students while instructors observe and vice versa.

Open Enrollment Trainings
These one-day trainings are by invitation only and provide a hands-on look at the implementation of the Sonday System and practical strategies to use with struggling students. The fee is $275 per person.

Group Coaching Workshops
Up to 15 instructors per half-day session: Workshops will center on the instructors' experience using the Sonday System. The Winsor consultant and instructors will share their experiences and lessons learned while focusing on promoting fidelity to the Sonday System.


Question/Answer time will complement the discussion as the group explores best practices. If you are interested in scheduling any professional development for yourself or your teachers, please let us know. Also, please contact us if we can answer any questions about our services or materials.

The Sonday System offers these distinct advantages over other Orton-Gillingham programs:

Ease of use

1. Ease of use

Our six-step lesson plan is comprehensive and easy to follow, with all lessons prepared so teachers need very little prep time.


2. Efficiency

We've designed our program to be implemented quickly. After just one day of training, educators are ready to provide effective multisensory lessons for reading.

Anyone can do it

3. Anyone can do it

From experienced reading educators to volunteer tutors, anyone can be highly effective using the program.

Experts on call

4. Experts on call

Our experts staff is available to provide ongoing support as needed through on-site or online services.