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Talisman Card Games

These simple but engrossing card games introduce common consonant digraphs and variant spellings of vowel sounds, beginning at the CVC word level and ending with VCe spellings of all vowels. Each game includes 42 Word Cards, 8 magical Talisman cards, and 3 blank cards for additional custom words, as well as instructions and a word list.

Based on the Talisman Series of PhonicBooks™ Catch Up Readers, these games will enthuse older struggling readers as they practice and consolidate their skills.
Talisman Card Game 1-10
Aligns with Talisman Set 1 Readers.
Sku: 820-8600
Price: $85.00
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Talisman Card Game 11-20
Aligns with Talisman Set 2 Readers.
Sku: 820-8601
Price: $85.00
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Writing Matters

Research-based lessons help develop sentence skills in students of all ages. Suitable for individual and whole-group instruction. Lesson plans are easy to follow and offer sample activities and assignments.
Sku: 830-3000
Price: $69.00
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Grammarbuilder Vocabulary Card Deck

34 flashcards for learning parts of speech, sentence parts and advanced grammar concepts. Visuals with a variety of clause and sentence structures are provided where appropriate.
Sku: 830-4410
Price: $12.00
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Words At Work Card Games

Innovative, cognitive games to build writing skills. Each deck can be used to play two games, one to identify parts of speech and the other to build sentences of increasing length and sophistication.
Words at Work 1 (Basic)
Sku: 830-4401
Price: $18.00
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Words at Work 2 (Advanced)
Sku: 830-4402
Price: $18.00
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Words at Work 1 and 2
Sku: 820-4400
Price: $29.00
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Alphabet Series Readers

Readers created to reinforce material through practice of fluency, vocabulary, comprehension, and critical thinking skills. Set includes 18 Readers.
Sku: 820-7300
Price: $115.00
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Winsor Learning Readers

Chapter book format and detailed illustrations encourage students at any grade level to feel confident while learning how to read. Set includes 2 Readers, each with 20 increasingly difficult stories, plus additional activities to practice skills previously taught.
Sku: 220-7200
Price: $35.00
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